What Do Video Switches Do

Are you familiar with Video switches?  The most popular video switch on the market is the tricaster.  Basically it allows you to switch between video feeds during a broadcast.  The benefit of having this functionality is that you can edit in real time.  It is essential for live broadcasts. While some tricasters allow for only 3 video inputs and web streaming others are much more high end and offer additional production options like real time green screen.  Imagine not having to run video through software like after effects and then realize that you got the lighting wrong.  If you are a videographer you might be familiar with black magic.  These are the guys who decided to try to compete with DSLR and make a DSLR camera for video only.  No longer does video need to look like tape.  But with all these great new cameras what if you want to do a live broadcast using more than one camera.  You will need a video switcher.  So it was a natural integration for black magic to get into the video camera market as they are one of the major manufactures of Video switches. Other house hold names that make them are Sony and Philips.


Watch Movies Online

There are a lot of ways to watch movies online.  There is the big one Netflix and some of the smaller players like redbox.  Let’s not forget the place to watch that everyone seems to like the best, Amazon Prime.  The growing trend of these services is to push tv as opposed to movies.  The reason is simple for one license you can have more content.  A movie is just two hours as opposed to a network show which can have 100 episodes if it’s going into syndication.  That is probably also the reason why these streaming services are creating custom tv shows and not buying or premiering movies on their service. If you want to use these online services on your home tv you should take a look at a roku box.  It’s tiny and it allows you to access the most movies online right from your television.


Digital Restoration

Restoration of moments in time is best done digitally.  With ever increasing technology and the simple fact that digital duplication lasts for ever.  no longer do you have to worry about tapes or film that degrade over time.  You can always use places that are free owned by multi billion dollar corporations that offer free services.  Did you know that on youtube you can upload and video and keep the video private or only share it with people you choose. If you are worried about storing digital on your home computer you can always get a solid state drive.  Solid state drives is the technology used on USB thumb drives.  They are very safe because there are no moving parts.  Large storage capacity drives are now relatively inexpensive.  The last back up medium you might want to consider is a cloud hosted storage.  This is stored in a data center with multiple backups and 24 hour access for you to download or watch your files.  The safest strategy is to incorporate all these forms together for a multiple backup system.  Store the digital files on your home PC.  Make a copy on a solid state drive, upload a video over youtube and put one up on in a cloud server.  If you have just image files you can always upload files to a free google doc account.